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Remove & Browser hijacker from Infected Computer is a questionnaire website, also known as browser hijacker. It mainly distributes via some bad and hijacked website, spam emails, free downloads, or computer malware such as virus, spyware, Trojan, or worms. How to judge it as a browser hijacker? As a matter of fact, browser hijacker I equipped with obvious symbols which are modifying default web browser, falsify pertinent settings on target computer, keep redirect victims to its webpage. Continue reading

Get Rid of Hdkmfkr.exe & Adware-Removal Tips for Adware

Can hdkmfkr.exe run on your Windows Task Manager? Can you find it in some registry entries related to it? Is it harmful or not? If itching to acquire more knowledge of it, you are welcome to this post. In addition, your also get more details of its removal methods.

The Overall Introduction of Hdkmfkr.exe

Hdkmfkr.exe belongs to a filename extension denoting an executable program. Nevertheless, it is equipped with the traits of an annoying adware because it can install adware into target computer via using the Nullsoft Install System installer. Note that the file with this filename extension isn’t signed with an Authenticode signature from a trusted source, typically executed from the user’s temporary directory. As a consequence, people are hardly aware of its existence.

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How to Eliminate & Browser Hijacker from Infected Computer System?

Can your computer system are hijacked by Do you itch to remove it and recover all changed settings of default web browser? You can get more its details and removal guide in this post. Never registry its account when you get the page like the following screenshot.

Know More Details of has been detected as a vicious website. When it appears on target computer, it is so danger. You can see the following screenshot to further get a confirmation. But how damage it is? You can continue to read the contents below. Continue reading

How to Remove (Vicious Site) with Easy Methods?

As a matter of fact, has its official site. You can see its screenshot in the following picture. However, some computer users complain that it can keep popping up on their computer. There is a related case I find it in Microsoft forum.

A program called keeps popping up on my laptop. How can I make it go away? Thank you for helping me.

The Brief Introduction of promises it can give people a professional look into the future with their customized horoscope readings. However, according to computer users’ suffer and the experts’ analyses, it is deemed to be a vicious website. Continue reading

Get Rid of 1-844-329-6785 Scam Pop-up-Eliminate Fake Error Warning

How many you know about the scam helpline and related fake alert? Have you been confronted with them? Today, I mainly discuss the scam toll-free helpline 1-844-329-6785 and pertinent warning. You can see the case that people suffer from them.

Decided use windows defender instead of Norton. Now computer is locked up. Says it is a windows defender error. Called number but determined this is not a Microsoft tech. Defender is updated as of this morning. Need help fast. Please Help!

Annoying 1-844-329-6785 Scam Pop-up

When you get a warning saying that your computer has been blocked due to windows defender error and then are asked to call the toll-free helpline 1-844-329-6785 for assistance, your PC has been invaded by adware, malware, or virus, etc. As matter of fact, 1-844-329-6785 is provided by scammers or hackers in a fake security warning. They attempt to use the fake warning to scare and cheat victims and then mislead them to purchase their services or do something damage. Continue reading

Get Rid of (Malicious Site)-Stop Scam Warning from It

The Case Pertinent to

I am tired of getting warnings from saying phone and battery are infected with viruses from porn site…..which I HAVE NEVER VISITED ANY PORN SITES. My browser will not let me go to anything until I download yet another app to “fix” the problem! Can you please get this stuff to stop? It’s annoying and insulting! As far as version of chrome….I have no idea, it wouldn’t let me send this until I picked one category, so it’s not necessarily correct.

More Details of and Warning from it is a vicious site. It not only stops victims from entering into their default web browser, but keeps displaying warning to bother victims. It can cause browser extension and change parts of settings of web browser on compromised computer. When getting this kind of warning and guided to a strange site, you have to be watchful. Continue reading

Remove PUP.Optional.Yontoo-Removal Guided for Potentially Unwanted Program

Victim: I run malware bytes and keep getting “PUP.Optional.Yontoo” twice each run and I cannot delete it or find it in a search. I am running a modern HP with Intel Pentum. My defender crashes about 2/3 through probably of those items. Defender quick scan shows no problem. I am 75 yrs old and slow. Can anyone help me delete those threats?

My answer: every anti-malware or anti-virus program has its limitation. Since malware bytes cannot help you remove it from your system, maybe you can choose other suitable anti-malware tool, such as SpyHuter or AVG or Bit Defender, etc. Of course, you can try to remove it manually. If interested in the manual guide, you can refer to our steps.

Know Basic Information of PUP.Optional.Yontoo Before Removing it

PUP.Optional.Yontoo is also known as Yontoo, or PUP Yontoo, or Adware Yontoo. It is actually a potentially unwanted APP, published by Yontoo LLC. According to the feedback of victims, it can attack most of computer systems such as Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, etc. Continue reading

Never call 1-855-671-7825 Scam Helpline-Stop 1-855-671-7825 Pop-up

When guided to a strange site and getting a security warning that asks you to call toll-free helpline 1-855-671-7825, you should be watchful of your computer system security. How harmful is 1-855-671-7825 pop-up? Welcome to this article to get more details and find the methods to resolve all relevant issues.

How Terrible Is 1-855-671-7825 Scan Pop-up?

1-855-671-7825 is actually a scam phone number, usually given by a fake security warning. Furthermore, this bogus alert comes from a phishing site in fact. That is why victims are always redirected to a strange site when 1-855-671-7825 scan pop-up keeps displaying on screen. Continue reading

Remove & Browser Hijacker-Removal Tips for Browser Hijacker is deemed to be a browser hijacker, usually coming from some bad and hijacked website, spam emails, free downloads, or computer threats infiltrating into computer. The obvious symbols are modifying default web browser and pertinent settings on target computer and stop victims from using usual web browser. Continue reading

Eliminate (Browser Hijacker)-How to Make Hijacked Web Browser Back?

Recently, there are so many computer users facing the same threat named on their computers. Some of them still cannot clear what it is? In this post, you will get overall information of it. In Addition, you also can refer to the recommended removal methods to get rid of all issues.

What is

It is true that when target computer is infected by, computer user will be redirected to its page. In addition, browser settings will be modified and the default search engine is also changed. Consequently, is provided with the characteristic of browser hijacker. Continue reading