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How to Remove Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc Popup – Don’t Call 844-311-3794 Bogus Tech Support

You have malware which is creating pop-ups to interfere with your browsing? Popup coming with “Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc” misdirects your searches and asks you to Microsoft Technical Support at 844-311-3794? Please don’t be cheated. It is actually a tech support scam. Here is a guide telling what it is and how to remove it. Please keep on reading.

Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc Popup is a fake warning/alert

If you keep receiving a random and misleading popup coming with “Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc” and asking you to contact Microsoft Technical Support, then your computer is infected by some adware or potentially unwanted program. You should never call the so-called toll-free number and you should never trust even any letter on the popup.

This tricky Windows Defender Error Ox80072afc Popup is actually a fake warning or fake alert. It would tell you something like this:

“Windows Firewall Security Damaged!!!

A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins, Banking Details &Tracking Your Internet Activity……” Continue reading

How to Remove DNA Ad Unlocker from IE/Firefox/Chrome?

…Malwarebytes blocks some of the ads but does not remove the program. The program does not appear in the programs list to uninstall. The ad unlocker affects all browsers, edge and chrome. How do I remove this program from my computer?

What is DNA Ad Unlocker?

DNA Ad Unlocker is an adware which often comes bundled with other third party software. Similar to another adware called DNS Unlocker, after the infiltration, this DNA Ad Unlocker will install a browser helper object for Internet Explorer and a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. As a result, you will see a lot of advertisements coming up as pop-ups, in-texts and banners. Those advertisements are usually triggered by the add-ons or extensions and are often labeled with “Ads by DNA Ad Unlocker”, “Brought by DNA Ad Unlocker”, or “Powered by DNA Ad Unlocker”.

ads by & pop-up Continue reading

Adk2x Virus Removal – How to Remove Adk2x Ads Completely?

I am getting ads from adk2x inferring with some of the websites that I visit. The ads take over ad spaces as well as parts of the website that are supposed to show videos. In a few cases the browser jumps to an adware website by itself. This problem affects some of the browsers but not all of them. How do I get rid of this adk2x virus? Please help! Thanks in advance.

What is Adk2x?

Adk2x, also known as, is technically not a virus. It is just an adware program or advertising platform which will display a lot of intrusive and misleading pop-up ads and banners. Besides, it also has some malicious traits such as generating browser hijackings or exploiting the vulnerabilities in your browser to download other malware.

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Best Guide to Remove Pop-up Ads

Your computer is infected by some adware causing you to see random popups? Don’t know how to get rid of this annoying popup? If you need help, please read more.

Details of is a suspected domain that often comes as a pop-up window within different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. This annoying popup is usually caused by an adware or potentially unwanted program which is distributed via free downloads. You should mind the software which you want to install to your computer if you want to prevent this kind of popup. Continue reading Removal – How to Delete Pop-up Ads?

What is

Before learning the details, you can see what the will do to your computer according to other victims:

“ (among others) downloads data to my computer when I am using Yahoo! email and seriously interferes with performance.”

“I keep getting this message as of today. I have cleared history and clear cookies and data. I still get the message.”

“I have internet security, but is still affecting my pc. Kaspersky didn’t catch it.”

The is used as a worldwide distributed network advertisement server and will show popups and online tracking when you are using your computer with internet connection. screenshot Continue reading

ChumSearch Malware Removal – How to Get Rid of Hijacker?

So I accidentally downloaded or somehow ended up with something called ChumSearch, and it’s my new default search engine/browser, and i tried just switching it and uninstalling the safari extension, but even after I uninstalled it it’s still there….Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What is ChumSearch?

ChumSearch (also known as is a potentially unwanted program that has been included into browser hijacker category. It is often downloaded alongside other software. That is, if you install other software to your computer using default installation, you may then get this ChumSearch as an additional bundle. Besides, if intentionally or unintentionally click the ads or downloaded buttons on the corrupt sites, you may also get this PUP.

ChumSearch Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Redirect?

The page at says there is a .net frame work file missing due to some harmful virus – Debug malware error 895-system 32.exe failure? You are asked to contact Microsoft technicians (Toll-Free Helpline at 1(855)238-8009) to rectify the issue? You are not suggested to open internet browsers for your security issue to avoid data corruption on your registry of your operating system? If you do get this annoying popup, you can read on for more details to delete it.

What is is a fake bsod notification which usually pops up to almost all the internet browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. It has the ability to change your browser settings and then redirect your homepage and new tab. The misleading message, once appearing, can lock up your browser and not allow you to browse the web smoothly. analysis Continue reading

Easy Guide to Remove Random Pop-up Ads always suddenly prompts out. What’s wrong with my computer? Please help!

Details of Popup is classified as an annoying adware which will suddenly and randomly pop up to your web browsers and redirect you to a lot of unwanted and suspected domains. Designed by the cyber criminals, this nasty popup is also used to distribute some scams such as fake bsod error, fake virus alert, fake system warning, etc. Continue reading

How to Remove Pop-up Ads?

Hi all, I’m getting malware pop-ups and performance problems that seem to be related to “” but AVG doesn’t seem to recognize or remove all this junk.  Anyone has experience with or knows what to do about this malware? Many thanks for any help.

What is is considered as a malicious site or phishing site which is often used by the cyber criminals to spread spams and promote scams. It has the ability to mess up your computer and trick you into giving away information or downloading a virus. Once you see this site coming as a fake update or fake alert popup and redirecting your browser, you should be on the alert. There might be some adware or even malware in your computer. Therefore, you should remove the threats immediately to keep your PC safe. Continue reading

Ads by Gamezing Removal – How to Get Rood of Gamezing Adware?

“I keep getting ad pop ups in the lower right corner of my screen that take 15 seconds before I can exit it out or it will pop up a full page of an ad when I’m browsing the web. Also, 2 tabs of it pop up when I launch Google. Do I have a hijacker, trojan etc. What do I do to stop this?”

Ads by Gamezing Description

Once you see advertisements labeled with “Ads by Gamezing”, “Brought by Gamezing”, or “Powered by Gamezing” across the website that you visit, your computer is infected by adware or has an ad-supported extension added to your web browsers.

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