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How to Remove ‘Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows’ Tech Support Scam?

Brief Introduction about Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows

This is a tech support scam published in the summer of 2015. It is designed into a useful browser add-on and a system enhancer to trick users to install the badware. In fact, the tech support scam will eject an annoying pup-up which can freeze your browser and then perform an audio alert.

The pup-up to asking users to call their phone:

  • ‘Validate copy of your Microsoft Windows
    This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Validation.
    You might be a victim of a software counterfeiting.
    Before you can install Microsoft Security Essentials, you must have a genuine and properly licensed copy of Windows or this computer.
    To acquire a genuine copy of Windows click ‘Update Now’.
    Contact Support US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159
    Could not connect to windows activation server. This could be due to a problem with windows corrupt win32 system, files.
    Call Technical Support on US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159′

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Remove Pup-ups – Remove As Soon As Possible

The ‘’ pup-ups show up in suspicious websites and they are possibly the products of some browser hijackers. The computer users whose computers are infected with it reflect that ‘’ alerts are involved in fake tech support services and they are warned to call the number on the pup-ups. Otherwise, their computer will restart or drive will be deleted. Such messages are also marked with the Windows Crop logo to make them show more reliable.

The ‘’ pup-up text:

Your Hard drive will be DELETED if you close this page. You have a ZEUS virus!
Please call Support now! Call Toll-Free: 1-888-694-0621
To stop this process.

A comment about this message said that ZEUS is an existent virus but it is not probably to be on your computer. The ‘’ is adware developed by cyber criminals to reach their scam. So the tech scam tries to scare you to call number of Continue reading

How to Remove $1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner Pop-up – Fake Notifications Removal

$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner pop-up is an adware application that computer users may encounter when surfing online. This pop-up notification is actually applying scamming techniques to scare and earn money from victim users. If you receive “$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner” notifications, the only thing you are recommended to do is remove this adware immediately to avoid any further damage and loss of the computer security and your personal financial data.

$1000 Walmart Gift Card Winner Pop-up
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Remove 1-866-291-9960 Pop-Up Scam – Guide to Avoid 1-866-291-9960 Pop-up

Do you encounter a pop-up associated with number 1-866-291-9960? If yes, we are sorry to say you are very likely in the trouble of a fake tech support scam. But meanwhile, you are not the only one who suffers from 1-866-291-9960 pop-up scam, and this post will guide you to remove 1-866-291-9960 pop-up issue completely.

How does it look like if your PC is invaded by 1-866-291-9960 pop-up scam?

1) If your PC is attacked by 1-866-291-9960 pop-up scam, a pop-up will show up and convince you to call the number in the title 1-866-291-9960 in order to sort out a Microsoft “server compromising” issue, or something to that effect.
2) If your PC is attacked by 1-866-291-9960 pop-up scam, and you accept their so-called fix, your PC will be full controlled by the individual on the other line while they “diagnosed the issue”, and you will not know how long it will take.
3) It would cost hundreds of dollars after the 1-866-291-9960 number related technicians “fix” your PC.

Please notice that, 1-866-291-996 pop-up scam is a vicious trouble, and a full factory reset may still not resolve the trouble, because the infection can drop files and modify registry entries into your system. And, you will still suffer this pop-up and the remote criminals may still be able to access your system to steal personal information and system data.

The infiltration strategies of 1-866-291-9960 Pop-up on Your Computer:

Although an adware program cannot be detected easily on your PC, here are some common ways this harmful parasite employs to invade your PC:
1) Junk emails – The Spam and junk emails are one of the very common way through which the nasty adware threats are injected unknowingly into your computer system.

2) Hacked websites – There are many hacked and illegal domains on which many malicious threats are promoted with attractive advertisements and statements. So, the 1-866-291-9960 Pop-up adware can also intrude via a bogus website.

Other than that there are many more tactics employed like infected storage device usage, strange pop-up click etc. for the deployment of this malicious adware into your windows computer system. If you do not want to face any troubling issue on system and stop the annoying advertisement showing on browser, then, better remove 1-866-291-9960 Pop-up quickly from PC.

Helpful Methods to Remove 1-866-291-9960 Pop-up

Powserful Security Tool

SpyHunter is a real-time anti-malware program that is capable of eliminating most of computer infections such as adware, spyware, malware, worms, ransomware, and browser redirect. If eager to it, you can follow the steps below to install it.

(Note: SpyHunter can get along well with your existing security programs without any conflicts.)

Step 1: Download SpyHunter by clicking the button below.


Step 2: Select “Run” to run SpyHunter files.

Step 3: Choose “Malware Scan” and give your PC a comprehensive check.

Step 4: Choose “Fix Threats” to remove all vicious files detected by SpyHunter.

Recommondation: Optimize your computer with RegCure Pro

There are still tremendous registry errors and fragmented/junk files on your system when this 1-866-291-9960 pop-up threat is eliminated from your computer completely. Therefore, you should optimize compromised system if itching to a good system performance. Since RegCure Pro is specialized in cleaning up system and boost system performance, it is worthy of being installed.

1: Download RegCure Pro immediately.

2: Click “Run” to install all files of RegCure Pro.

3: Click “System Scan” to scan all errors and junks on your computer.


4: Select all unwanted items and click “Fix All” to clean and fix your system.

Note: The manual guide is a good way to remove PUP and ads. But, if you are not skillful at computer operation with our manual process, you are recommended to install SpyHunter to remove 1-866-291-9960 related scam and all threats in cause of unnecessary trouble caused by mistakes. If needing to optimize hijacked system, you can give you trust to RegCure Pro.

How to Remove Pop-up? (1-877-866-9052 Phone Scam Removal)

What is is a malicious website with fake security alert. It pretends as a security help page used to tricked innocent users for gaining profit. It can be compatible with all your popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you keep getting the pop-up with helpline 1-877-866-9052, it is a sign that your system might be at risk. Continue reading

“Lucky Contestant” Scam on – How to Stop This Pop-up

What is Pop-up page is one of the malicious page you need to be watchful to. It comes to every kind of browsers suddenly, no matter what you page you are going to visit. Even though it pretends to be a reward reminder, telling you that you are the lucky visitor to get a gift, you should not believe a word from it. The page shows the same to everyone who sees it, which means, it is actually a fake message. After the victim selected the so-called gift, they will probably be told to pay the taxes before getting it. In some cases, victims are even redirected to phishing sites, so their banking information are leaked out. In short words, this scam aims to those inexperienced Internet users. Continue reading

How to Delete 1-855-707-6272 Fake Alert/Voice Warning Popup?

You got a popup saying your computer device has been compromised and asking you to call 1-855-707-6272? You have tried some methods to remove this popup but failed? This post will offer some effective methods to help you resolve it.

What is 1-855-707-6272?

1-855-707-6272 is a scam phone number that has been promoted by many seemingly ‘official’ system alerts. Once you get popup asking you to call 1-855-707-6272, your computer might be infected by adware or potentially unwanted program. Commonly, the 1-855-707-6272 popup usually comes alongside the message like this:


Rootkit.Sirefef.Spy and Trojan Virus found in system32 NT (Network Threat Protection) Kernel

Virus Source: free games, porn websites, & third party internet search. Please visit Your Nearest windows service center or call 1-855-707-6272 (toll free) Continue reading

Remove Pop-up & Tech Scam Support

See pop-up from Are your cheated and scammed by it? If looking for effective and useful solution to stop its pop-up, this post is sure to help you.

The Common Features and Potential Issues it Triggers is caused by potentially unwanted program or malware, created by hyper criminals or companies to cheat your money. When it lands on your computer, it will mess up your screen with a variant of commercial ads, invite additional threats, collect your personal online information for further profits, guide you to other ads-supported site without your agreement, or even consume most of your system CPU and Memory and then degrade your network speed.
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Easy Methods to Remove from Your PC isn’t a good and harmless site. It is created by cyber criminals or some small companies to promote their software or services as well as trick you into buying them. As a matter of fact, it is an online scam. It cheats you that your computer is infected by adware or malware, and recommends you call system support at 1-855-902-4667 immediately.

The Hazards Brought by,  as an unwanted program, is able to make you a round of troubles. The longer it lands on your computer, the more problems it provides your. Now, let’s focus on the pertinent knowledge.  Continue reading