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How to Remove HuntQuery Search Redirect Manually from Chrome or Firefox?

Some free search websites appear on your Chrome or Firefox browser, but they always provide ads on your websites. Now, there is the HuntQuery Search interfering your surfing experience.


What is HuntQuery Search?

HuntQuery Search is free for computer users but is a browser hijacker. It looks like a formal search web page, but it is developed by third-party investors to get advertisement profit. HuntQuery Search is not only a domain of search website, but also invades computer with unnecessary extensions, adds-on and programs. After your computer has been made a bug, your computer is infected with HuntQuery Search by using DLL technique or other website plugins. Thus, there are ads covered with every Continue reading

How to Remove Zepto Ransomware – Removal Guide Step by Step

Zepto ransomware is a malicious threat written in JS (Javascript). It is found to be a new version of Locky ransomware released on the 27th of June, 2016. It utilizes asymmetric (RSA-2048 and AES-128) encryption algorithm, so once the files are encrypted by Zepto ransomware, it is hardly to get back them.

Once Zepto ransomware gets into your system, Windows runs wsscript.exe module and executes the script. The .js executable connects to C&C (Command&Control) server to download the payload of the ransomware. And, once it is downloaded, the encoding virus scans the computer’s system and locks the data. Continue reading

How to Remove 1-888-373-5842 Number Scam? Avoid Fake Tech Support!

Some people recently are encounter an alert notifying system issue and requiring the users to call a phone number 1-888-373-5842 to get tech support assistance. If you encounter the same problem, then you are very likely under the trap of a fake tech support service controlled by cyber criminals.

1-888-373-5842 Pop-up is one of ads belonging to adware or spyware which can cause problems on the PC, both for windows or mac. The message ads displayed is totally a scam, as they made the alert message to scare you and then ask you to pay money in the appointed websites and finally get controlled by their authority. They do not really help you solve your problem, but instead, you may lose the identity and your information will be also stolen. Continue reading

How to Get rid of Hijacker? Removal Guide Step by Step is an annoying browser hijacker detected recently by many security tools like MalwareBytes, SpyHunter and so on. This hijacker is developed by Linkury which is also known to have created malicious stuff like Snap.Do, Sidecubes and SafeFinder hijackers. Undoubtedly, once the threat is traced, a complete removal is the only choice under the consideration of your system security.


Continue reading

How to Remove 1 888 688 2154 Tech Scam Popup – Fake Warning Popup Removal

“…WARNING WARNING WARNING computer at high risk. Please contact Microsoft technician immediately for rescue at USA toll free + 1 888 688 2154…” This message will not go away. What do I do?

What is 1 888 688 2154 Popup?

The 1 888 688 2154 Popup is actually a kind of popular tech support scam which is used to make the victim believe that the computer has issues that need to be fixed. And the 1 888 688 2154 is the number provided by this kind of tech support scam. If you call the number, you will be asked to pay for the tech support service. You are not suggested to do that because it is actually of no use. The man at the other end of the phone may be the one who distributes the scam popups. Continue reading