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How to Remove ‘Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows’ Tech Support Scam?

Brief Introduction about Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows

This is a tech support scam published in the summer of 2015. It is designed into a useful browser add-on and a system enhancer to trick users to install the badware. In fact, the tech support scam will eject an annoying pup-up which can freeze your browser and then perform an audio alert.

The pup-up to asking users to call their phone:

  • ‘Validate copy of your Microsoft Windows
    This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Validation.
    You might be a victim of a software counterfeiting.
    Before you can install Microsoft Security Essentials, you must have a genuine and properly licensed copy of Windows or this computer.
    To acquire a genuine copy of Windows click ‘Update Now’.
    Contact Support US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159
    Could not connect to windows activation server. This could be due to a problem with windows corrupt win32 system, files.
    Call Technical Support on US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159′

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How to Uninstall MPC AdCleaner Program – Unwanted Program Removal Guide

A rogue program named MPC AdCleaner catches our attention recently because some computer users are looking for effective removal solution to get rid of this program. With a closer look at MPC Adcleaner, we find that this is a program from DotCash Limited, and though it is advertised as an ad blocker, it is actually a potentially unwanted program for computer users. If you are also one of the victims who have trouble in uninstalling this unwanted and troublesome program, please read this post to get useful removal solution.


MPC Adcleaner, known as More Powerful Cleaner AdCleaner, or MorePowerfulCleaner AdCleaner, can get installed on a computer via the bundle with other free programs. Upon installation, it will change your browser settings and automatically download and install additional programs including MPC AdCleaner. MPC Adcleaner may remove ads from the web pages you are visiting, but it changes your web browser search engine and homepage to (Read the post “Get Rid of – Browser Hijacker Removal“). To help you better learn about this program, the following list some of its malicious behaviors:
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Removal Guide for Gplyra Miner Program – Uninstall and Remove Unwanted Program

Gplyra Miner is detected as PUP, potentially unwanted program, by many security programs like MalwareBytes or SpyHunter, etc. You may wonder what is Gplyra Miner and does it do any harm to computer system? Well, it is indeed Gplyra Miner indicates a security risk in the intruded system. And Gplyra Miner removal is recommended once this PUP is found.

Well, let’s have a closer look at this troublesome stuff.

According to researches, Gplyra Miner is known to utilize to mine digital currencies that utilize the CryptoNight hashing algorithm. Gplyra Miner is integrated with relatively advanced technology, and in order to achieve every designed performance, you will find an executable named CPM.exe is configured to run automatically at each system startup, while CPM.exe is actually a renamed copy of CPUMiner. Another file that may come with Gplyra Miner is called cpuminer-conf.json which is written with instructions that the miner follows. Continue reading

Easy Way to Eliminate Super Media Converter Ads from Infected Computer

Super Media Converter is a windows file converter which supports the formats of MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, M4A, etc.. But it has two versions, one is ad-free version, and the other one is ad-support version. The ad-free version calls for 6 dollar per month, and the ad-support one is free to use. In this passage, we mainly focus on the ad-support version.

Ad-support Super Media Converter is classified as potentially unwanted program(PUP) by cyber security experts, and it’s installed as a Windows application. It allows users to process files, videos, and images for free, but the compensation for free use is hundreds of advertisements popping up on the screen. It may be installed in the web browsers in the forms of browser helper object, extension, and add-on. It creates these to generate adware activities. What’s more, your media content may be inserted links, and these links contain product promotions and videos for commercial purpose. You can remove it by deleting its adware extensions in the Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google.

As to how it distributes, similarly to other PUP dispersion, it’s installed as a component of freeware downloaded off of the Internet, and gets installed during the process of the freeware installation. That’s why we always warn users to be careful about installation. And you should always choose Advanced or Custom Installation if it’s possible.

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