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How to Remove ‘Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows’ Tech Support Scam?

Brief Introduction about Validate Copy Of Your Microsoft Windows

This is a tech support scam published in the summer of 2015. It is designed into a useful browser add-on and a system enhancer to trick users to install the badware. In fact, the tech support scam will eject an annoying pup-up which can freeze your browser and then perform an audio alert.

The pup-up to asking users to call their phone:

  • ‘Validate copy of your Microsoft Windows
    This copy of Windows did not pass genuine Validation.
    You might be a victim of a software counterfeiting.
    Before you can install Microsoft Security Essentials, you must have a genuine and properly licensed copy of Windows or this computer.
    To acquire a genuine copy of Windows click ‘Update Now’.
    Contact Support US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159
    Could not connect to windows activation server. This could be due to a problem with windows corrupt win32 system, files.
    Call Technical Support on US/CA Toll Free 1-800-931-9159′

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Remove Pup-ups – Remove As Soon As Possible

The ‘’ pup-ups show up in suspicious websites and they are possibly the products of some browser hijackers. The computer users whose computers are infected with it reflect that ‘’ alerts are involved in fake tech support services and they are warned to call the number on the pup-ups. Otherwise, their computer will restart or drive will be deleted. Such messages are also marked with the Windows Crop logo to make them show more reliable.

The ‘’ pup-up text:

Your Hard drive will be DELETED if you close this page. You have a ZEUS virus!
Please call Support now! Call Toll-Free: 1-888-694-0621
To stop this process.

A comment about this message said that ZEUS is an existent virus but it is not probably to be on your computer. The ‘’ is adware developed by cyber criminals to reach their scam. So the tech scam tries to scare you to call number of Continue reading

Easy and Effective Way to Get Rid of

A victim complained recently like that: I have a virus on my PC by the name of, and have no idea how to remove it. Do you have any idea? Is there any good software I can use to get rid of is a new malicious domain or website that display pop-ups stating that your computer has been infected with some sort of computer viruses and in order to remove it you should call the hotline for help. The fake alerts may be very frightening so that victims are scared to call the scam helpline 1-800-693-5082 to seek assistance. The warnings seems very reliable, and victims are easily believe that their computers are in great danger. Please, stay in clear mind! You computer is not in danger, all the alerts are bogus, and you can just ignore them. Don’t even try to call the helpline scammers leave. Otherwise, you will end up with money lose and computer in danger. The helpline won’t assist you for free, and the so-called technician will ask a relatively large sun of money as payment. What’s worse, paying the money isn’t the way to stop pop-up alerts and fix your computer. The most direct way is to remove from your infected computer. Continue reading

Get Rid of 1-844-329-6785 Scam Pop-up-Eliminate Fake Error Warning

How many you know about the scam helpline and related fake alert? Have you been confronted with them? Today, I mainly discuss the scam toll-free helpline 1-844-329-6785 and pertinent warning. You can see the case that people suffer from them.

Decided use windows defender instead of Norton. Now computer is locked up. Says it is a windows defender error. Called number but determined this is not a Microsoft tech. Defender is updated as of this morning. Need help fast. Please Help!

Annoying 1-844-329-6785 Scam Pop-up

When you get a warning saying that your computer has been blocked due to windows defender error and then are asked to call the toll-free helpline 1-844-329-6785 for assistance, your PC has been invaded by adware, malware, or virus, etc. As matter of fact, 1-844-329-6785 is provided by scammers or hackers in a fake security warning. They attempt to use the fake warning to scare and cheat victims and then mislead them to purchase their services or do something damage. Continue reading

Never call 1-855-671-7825 Scam Helpline-Stop 1-855-671-7825 Pop-up

When guided to a strange site and getting a security warning that asks you to call toll-free helpline 1-855-671-7825, you should be watchful of your computer system security. How harmful is 1-855-671-7825 pop-up? Welcome to this article to get more details and find the methods to resolve all relevant issues.

How Terrible Is 1-855-671-7825 Scan Pop-up?

1-855-671-7825 is actually a scam phone number, usually given by a fake security warning. Furthermore, this bogus alert comes from a phishing site in fact. That is why victims are always redirected to a strange site when 1-855-671-7825 scan pop-up keeps displaying on screen. Continue reading

Get Rid of Bogus Helpline 866 275 2206 Scam With Simple Steps

Victim: “Very often when I attempt to open a website with IE, I get an annoying beeping security warning that I need to call 866 275 2206 for help immediately. I solve the problem by closing IE with task manager and that solves the problem for a day or two. But the fact remains that I have obviously picked up some sort of malicious bug. I see posts on this forum about solving the problem via “Microsoft Edge”. Problem is, I have ZERO idea what Microsoft Edge is. Can somebody please help me with SIMPLE STEP BY STEP IDIOT PROOF instructions on hos to resolve this problem and get rid of whatever virus I have picked up?…”

Have you ever encountered such issue mentioned above? It is a case that a victim’s computer was entangled with a bogus helpline scam. If you are also get such issue, this post will guide you to get rid of it step by step. Continue reading

Effective Ways to Remove 1-855-520-3893 Pop-up Scam – Bogus Helpline Removal

Brief Introduction of 1-855-520-3893 Pop-up

1-855-520-3893 pop-up keep annoying you might be a sign that an adware has installed on your computer without notification. And even you have no idea how and when it comes into your PC. And the phone number 1-855-520-3893 is a scam number designed by cyber criminals to promote their paid tech support services, rogue software or other products. It is totally untrustworthy. Continue reading

Stop 1-800-283-5196 Scam Pop-up (Bogus System Alert) from Malicious Site Www/

Are you angry or scared when redirected to the pop op pertinent to 1-800-283-5196 from, strange site? Do you really believe the pop-up says? Can anything vicious be found on your computer when call the helpline for help? If encountering the same issues and still haunted by them, you can get help from this post.

What is 1-800-283-5196 Pop-up?

1-800-283-5196, as a scam phone number, generally comes from a system alert from a phishing sites named supported by scammers or hackers. In reality, 1-800-283-5196 pop-up is fake system alert telling computer users that their computer has been hijacked by virus and their private information or data are at risk.

Your computer is actually attacked by certainly threats and your personal information or sensitive date is maybe threatened. But all these risks are caused by this scam pop-up directly or indirectly. As a matter of fact, when believing the pop-up says and then call the helpline to permit the recommended technician to enter into and check your computer, you will put your privacy and confidential data at risk.

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Never Call Toll Free HelpLine 1-(855)-521-1628 – Pop-up Scam Alert Removal Instruction

He is not the only victim:

“I have a pop-up in edge saying i have “This site says…     MS  Network Server has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address.”  then goes on to say “Please contact MICROSOFT CERTIFIED technicians at Toll Free HelpLine: +1-(855)-521-1628″  How do I get Rid of this and is it a malware infection?”

More Details About 1-(855)-521-1628 Pop-up

If you keep getting 1-(855)-521-1628 pop-up while browsing web, it means that your computer might has been infected with an adware without your knowledge. And the phone number 1-(855)-521-1628 is actually a scam number designed by scammers to promote their paid tech support services and products. Continue reading

Stop 1-855-215-4241 Pop-up & Bogus System Alert- Removal Tips for Tech Support Scam

1-855-215-4241 had been proved to be a scam phone number, just similar to 1-855-653-4481, 855-678-2500, 1 (888) 907-4481, 1-844-247-4946, and 888-972-9165. Many computer users have been tricked by it. 1-855-215-4241 usually appears on a bogus system alert cheating computer users that their computes have been blocked and their personal information and data are at risk.

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