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How to Remove Virus?

Recently someone said that his computer somehow got a virus named and he used detection software to scan but no result about it. Trough variety of records, this article would like you what is it.


 It is defined as the script virus which is produced by a malicious program, and the program may have a malicious website which is possibly called through a variety of verification. The script of is compiled by JavaScript code or VbScript.

(Similar script virus includes VBS.Happytime, Js.Fortnight.c.s and so on.) Continue reading

Best Guides to Delete Online MapFinder – Removal Guides

Online MapFinder is listed as a dangerous computer threats which is able to get into your system if you have viewed harmful websites, clicked spam or junk email attachments. It is dangerous download and install freeware or shareware onto your PC without checking carefully.

You are not able to use your Task Manager, Registry Editor and other programs that are installed on your PC. Useless files will be loaded on your operating system and they will trigger a lot of troubles in your system. As a result, your system will become more and more slowly and your computer performance will be degraded. As time goes by, your sensitive will be collected by cyber criminals. Continue reading

Best Guides to Remove desktop.ini – How to Remove desktop.ini Virus?

Get a lot of files of desktop.ini?

Can’t find where these files are saved?

Seeking ways to get rid of them?

If you have no idea what desktop.ini is and seeking ways to remove it, read this post carefully.

desktop.ini is considered as a malware which hook deeply into your PC and try all the means to attack your system. No matter what version of operating system you are using such as Win7, Win8, Win Vista, this computer threat has the capability to compromise it. To escape the detection of antivirus, this virus can create different names. What’s more, it can use the similar name of system files. So a lot of computer users just regard it as a normal file. Additionally, this threat can change your system settings and make your machine run abnormally. Continue reading

Get Rid of DR/Spyboter.CY [dropper] with Practical Methods Absolutely

My default anti-virus tool informs me that my system is infected by DR/Spyboter.CY [dropper]. So I remove this threat with my security tool, but fail. I download Avira, an anti-virus program, to get rid of this threats, but issues still here with me. What should I do?

The Description of DR/Spyboter.CY [dropper]

DR/Spyboter.CY [dropper] is regarded as a dangerous virus that is in a position to make your and your computer in trouble, for example,

It is able to give rise to different system errors such as system halted or blue screen.
It is able to mess up your files or data in your computer, or even reveal them.
It makes you haunted by additional threats.
It may slow down your network speed and system performance. Continue reading

Remove Msupdate71/dwm.exe from Computer—Removal Guide

Is Msupdate71/dwm.exe in your Windows Task Manger? Are there any issues or threats in your computer? You can read this post to make clear what is Msupdate71/dwm.exe and how to break away from it.

The Analysis of Msupdate71/dwm.exe

Msupdate71/dwm.exe is an executable filename in your Windows. However, it is easy to be infected by virus or you can say virus enjoy use it as its filename to land on your computer. When you find it in your Windows Task Manger, your computer may be infected by virus. It common path is C:\Users\HENDRY~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msupdate71\dwm.exe. Continue reading