Easily Remove Ads by DNSUnlocker – How to Eliminate DNSUnlocker from Infected PC?

I’ve been having the DNSUnlocker for the past two weeks. It wouldn’t let me uninstall because of a runtime error (at -1:0). I then deleted the program files, though they remain in my recycle bin, and then seemed to uninstall the programs from my apps and programs lists yet the virus remained. Please help.

What is DNSUnlocker?

DNSUnlocker is presented as a useful tool to help its users access the restricted contents or blocked websites. However, it is recognized as a virus by a lot of computer users due to its malicious functions that can mess up your computer greatly.


Please note that DNSUnlocker is not a virus but a stubborn adware. It is usually distributed via infected software, spam emails, P2P share files, or corrupt websites. Once installed, this annoying adware will soon infiltrate your Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) and generate intrusive online advertisements which comes with the titles like “Ads by DNSUnlocker”, “DNSUnlocker Ads”, “Powered by DNSUnlocker”, or “Brought by DNSUnlocker”. These ads are always deemed as deceptive and used to spread spams. You should keep away from them.

Commonly, this tricky adware is a threat to your computer. It can not only mess up your browser settings but also trigger other unwanted extensions/add-ons and malicious cookies to track your online activity. If possible, it may even collect your browsing data (like visited sites, viewed pages, search queries, browsing history, cache, and web beacons) and some sensitive information (like usernames, saved passwords, and credit card details). It is dangerous if your computer is infected with this risky adware.

How to Remove DNSUnlocker & Stop Ads by DNSUnlocker from Happening?

DNSUnlocker is thought to be hard to remove. If you need help removing this troublesome adware, please read on the details below.

Want to remove DNSUnlocker and the associated infections quickly and safely?

Please use the updated SpyHunter Anti-Malware SoftWare.

Spyhunter download

Guide 1: Manually Remove DNSUnlocker Adware

Step 1. Uninstall unwanted programs and adware from Control Panel.

1. Click Start button and then click Control Panel


2. Locate Uninstall a program from the jump-out window and go to the list of programs you have.


3. Highlight the program you want to remove, and then Uninstall or right click the program to select Uninstall.

remove dnsunlocker

4. Back to Control Panel, and then click View network status and tasks


5. Click on Local Area Connection


6. Click on Properties >> Internet Protocol Version 4 then click Properties button


7. Choose Obtain DNS server address automatically, and then press OK


Step 2. Remove DNSUnlocker from Internet browsers.

Internet Explorer

1. Go to Tools and select Manage add-ons


2. Disable the items which are related to DNSUnlocker

3. Back to IE Tools, and navigate to Internet Options. On the General tab, replace the suspected URL under Browser home page and click ‘Delete…’ to delete Browsing History (Be careful with this part, or you will clear away the login details).

general opt delete cookies

Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to Firefox’s Tools, and then select Add-ons


2. Look through the items under Extensions and Plugins, and remove those associated with DNSUnlocker


3. Back to Firefox Menu, and navigate to Options. On the General tab, replace the suspected URL under Browser home page. On the Privacy tab, clear browsing history and remove cookies (Be careful with this part, or you will clear away the login details).


Google Chrome

1. Click the Chrome Menu (three-bar icon on the top-right window) and select Settings


2. Click Extensions on the left panel and remove the extensions related to DNSUnlocker


3. Go to History, and then click Clear Browsing data (Be careful with this part, or you will clear away the login details).

clear browsing history

4. Go to Settings and click ‘Manage search engine….’ . Delete the suspected items and make Google as default.

google engine

Step 3: Show Folder Options

Click Start on the bottom left, input “folder options” in the search bar and hit enter. On the jump-out window,click View tab, tick Show hidden files, folders and drives, and untick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.


Step 4: Delete registry entries related to DNSUnlocker

Click on Start button, type into regedit and hit Enter. Then Clean all the malicious files and keys of DNSUnlocker in the registry editor.


Delete the following entries (samples):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabbedBrowsing "NewTabPageShow" = "1"
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Start Page" = "
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main "Default_Page_URL" = "http://www.<random>.com/?type=hp&ts=<timestamp>&from=tugs&uid=<hard drive id>"

Guide 2: Automatically Remove DNSUnlocker Adware with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is a legitimate, real-time anti-spyware application designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats. Here shows how it works.

Step 1. Click the below button to download the file.


Step 2. Double click on SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install the program. Then click Run button.

Step 3. Open SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now! to allow the program to start a scan on your computer.

Step 4. When the scan is completed, all the threats in your computer are successfully detected. Tick Select All and then click Remove button to uninstall it.

Optional Choice: Optimize your PC with RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro is an advanced optimizer which is able to solve your computer system problems, remove your privacy items produced by online searches, delete junk files, uninstall malware and fix performance problems. Here shows how it works.

1. Click the below button to download RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro

2. Run the RegCureProSetup Application and click the Yes button to install the program step by step.

3. When the program is successfully installed, double click on its desktop shortcut to open it. On the Overview tab, check all the scan settings and then click on the Click to Start Scan button to run a system scan on your computer. The first system scan will take some time, please be patient.

4. When the system scan is done, click on Fix All button to completely remove all the performance problems in your computer.

Warm Tips:

There will be some leftover enabling the popup if you don’t manually remove all the related infections. So if you encounter any difficulty in getting rid of DNSUnlocker manually, you are highly recommended to use SpyHunter Malware Removal.

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