Get Rid of Unwanted Homepage – Eliminate Browser Hijacker Easily

Is your browser’s homepage set as

Tried to reset by failed?

How did it come?

How to get rid of this unpleasant page?

Read the blog to get the answer.

Start-search com

What is exactly? page is a caused by a browser hijacker. This page is not suitable to be used as a default start page, not only for inefficient search results it offers, but also for the dubious ad banner on it. The hijacker can be brought to your browsers if you had visited hacked pages contain malicious codes, or installed malware and skipped the optional settings. Your browsers settings and registry data would be modified so that it is difficult to reset.

As soon as the page come to your browsers, it will immediately affect your browsing experience. Users find that unwanted ads flood their browsers no matter what site they are going to visit. Those ads are reliable. The banner in the middle of is a typical unreliable recommendation to PUP (potential unwanted program). These ads lead to more extension and toolbars downloaded, and finally your browsing experience is ruined.

Redirecting is another harmful trait of this hijacker. When users are trying to open a new tab on the infected browsers, an irrelevant page may come to catch your eyes. This kind of spams are also annoying and will make your browser slower and slower. It take times to reload the unwanted information. Additionally, strange sites can be added to your bookmarks without asking. You will see that junk sites occupy your favorite folder secretly.

How to get rid of the harmful infection of hijacker

If you are skillful in computer operating, you can take actions to remove the plugins, PUPs and reset browsers. If you are inexperienced and want to save time, you can also leave it to a professional anti-malware program SpyHunter, which is specialized in detecting and removing potential risks in your computer. Its free version is also reliable to scan your PC for potential computer threats.


Manual removal steps:

1. End the dubious processes immediately.

Press Ctrl+Shift +Esc keys at the same time to run Windows Task Manager. Find out the processes of the infected browsers and other dubious ones, end them.

dubious process

2. Remove the associated add-ons, plugins and extensions.

Take IE as an example: You can find the add-ons option on the browser menu, view the toolbars and extensions option and remove the unwanted ones. Do the same to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

IE ad on

IE add-on

3. Reset the infected browsers.

IE resetting 
ie reset

Chrome resetting 

chrome reset

Firefox resetting 
firefox reset

4. Remove potential unwanted programs 

Press Win+R button>> input Control Panel>> In Programs and Features you can see the list of programs in your computer. Right click to Uninstall the dubious ones.
how to uninstall

Note: If you want to save time and insure the removal completely successful, you can also use a professional removal tool:

Use efficient anti-malware program SpyHunter to deal with all the potential risks in your PC

SpyHunter is recommended for its powerful function of detecting and killing computer threats. Do not hesitate to get this all-time protector for the sake of your computer security.

1. Get SpyHunter from the safe link:

Spyhunter download

2. Run the file you got and install the it following the guide


SpyHunter Downloader

3. Run it and click the malware scan on the left side, have a computer scan to detect the potential risks.


4. Fix the threats easily with one simple click.

fix threat

One more step to boost your PC

Are you troubling for the slow computer performance? Looking for a method to boost it? RegCure Pro is the right thing you need. This optimizer can fix your registry data messed up by malware and viruses. It can also clean up the trash files to make your computer more efficient. If you had the hijacker ever, it is worthy and necessary to have an optimization.

download icon1

The installing and using processes are similar to SpyHunter’s, which are quite user-friendly.

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