How Can I Easily Get Rid of BugFixxer Ads

A Brief Introduction of BugFixxer

You must be very surprise when you see loads of advertisements sent by BugFixxer, because you have never downloaded this program, and how can it get onto your computer without your knowledge? Now, let’s see what BugFixxer is, and in what way it enters the computer system.

BugFixxer is a adware type program that provides discounts, bargains, and coupons. And when you are visiting web sites like Walmart, eBay, and Amozon, it displays competitive prices. Users who are never encounter such adware before may think it’s a useful application that can help say money. However, it’s a ad-supported program, and can be irritating and intrusive. BugFixxer adware releases numerous of pop-ups, including inline texts, banners, coupons, transitional ads, and other related ads. Those ads are represented as long as you surf the Internet and never stop You will find web pages are always covered by annoying ads. You can get rid of it by deleting BugFixxer extensions. Besides its annoying ads, it can also push other system troubles, such as adds potentially unwanted programs on the computer system.

BugFixxer is distributed in a silent way

Nothing different from the way other adware spread, BugFixxer is installed on the computer as a component of a bundle with other software download for free. The designers employ this tricky technique to widely distribute it. You won’t find it’s included in the package if you choose Recommended or Quick Installation. But when the installation finishes, you may surprised at the presence of BugFixxer adware.

How to prevent computer from adware like BugFixxer

>> Never click on any spam emails and intrusive sites.
>> When install freeware or shareware, always opt for Advanced or Custom Installation.
>> When download software from free websites, be very careful and untick programs unwanted or unfamiliar.
>> Fix your system vulnerabilities and holes as soon as possible.
>> Protect and scan your system with reliable anti-spyware program.

Removal Tutorial

Approach 1: Remove the adware BugFixxer manually

1. Uninstall suspicious programs related to Tide Search from Control Panel.

Begin with “Strart Menu”, choose “Control Panel”, and click “Programs”, then go to “Uninstall a Program”, choose BugFixxer adware from the list and finally right click it to “Uninstall”.

alt=Tide Search

2.  Reset Internet browser to remove BugFixxer adware.

Restore default setting of Internet Explorer

(1) Run the Internet Explorer, click the menu on the right top and open Tools, then the Internet Options.

(2) Choose Advanced, and navigate to the Reset Internet Explorer Settings on the right bottom, click Reset button, and the add-ons by Tide Search can be removed.

Restore default setting of Google

(1) Open Google browser, and then click Menu on the right top.

(2) Choose Settings> Show advanced settings>Reset browser settings

(3) To finish the removal, you need to restart the Google browser.

Restore default setting of Firefox

(1) Launch the browser and go to the Menu on the right top corner.
(2) Click Help> Troubleshooting information> Reset Firefox to its default state> Reset Firefox.


(3) Firefox will then close and start the resetting process. When it’s over, restored data will be listed, but no  BugFixxer adware toolbar anymore.

Method 2: Remove Tide Search Automatically (with SpyHunter)

1. Download SpyHunter step by step

Alt=Download Button

2.Scan your computer after it’s finished.

alt=SpyHunter scanning

3.Tick Select All, and click Remove.

alt=SpyHunter Scan

After following the above methods, your computer should be free of BugFixxer adware. If you do not have much experience to remove it manually, we recommend you download the most popular anti-spyware program SpyHunter to help you quickly and automatically remove all possible infections from your computer.


How to Speed up Your Computer Performance? – Have an Opimization on your PC after malicious software removal

If your computer performs slowly, or has other issues such as windows error and junk files or registry, you can install RegCure Pro for system optimization.

Use RegCure Pro to optimize your computer

1. You can download RegCure Pro from the following button.


2.Install step by step.

alt=Regcure Install

3,Give your computer a comprehensive scan.

alt=Regcure Install

4.Fix all problems detected by RegCure Pro.

alt=regcure fix all


Download SpyHunter to remove infections




Download RegCure Pro to improve computer performance


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