How to Remove Adware.MyWebSearch?

The Adware.MyWebSearch brought a lot of pup-ups to your browser. They appear in every web page you open. Some are about the hint that your computer is detected the spyware and then ask you to fix them. Some are about the wining information that shows you are the 999th winner for certain dollars. Other make you feel sick. Isn’t annoying?


What is Adware.MyWebSearch?

It is an adware that forms the fake advertisement with the forms of pop-ups, pup-unders or banners in the browser. The usual trick it uses is through DLL plugins to make your websites changed. The homepage is changed; the search engine is changed; and some information in the registry is changed. What the advertisement pup-ups it makes are similar to the information you have searched. That means your cookies have been recorded by Adware.MyWebSearch. Even your personal information such as bank password or social account is possibly stolen. Therefore, it is the reason why it is called PUP (potentially unwanted program).

What Adware.MyWebSearch Take to Your Computer?

  • Unable to open websites sometimes unless restart the computer.
  • Always get some websites with messy code.
  • Slow down the running speed of computer.
  • Frequently interfere you get online by pup-ups which cannot be closed.
  • Porn site form a shortcut in the desktop whenever you start computer.
  • Other unsafe websites automatically display when you open a new website.
  • The top of browser is added the MyWebSearch toolbar.
  • A process named mwsoemon.exe run in the background.

How to Remove Adware.MyWebSearch?

Method 1: Remove Adware.MyWebSearch by yourself.

Method 2: Remove Adware.MyWebSearch with SpyHunter and RegCure.

The Method 1 spends time and energy, while it is not necessarily helpful. Some virus hide in C hard disk deeply. Even if you remove it manually, it still possibly recovery when restart the computer.

Step 1 Remove MyWebSearch Homepage from Google Chrome

1. Open Goolge Chrome.

2. Click on the settings icon on the upper right corner of web page.

Google Settings corner

3. Open settings page by clicking Settings.

Google settings

4. Click Settings again in the new page.

5. Select Open a specific page or set of pages.

6. Here are a button of Set pages. Click it.

7. Type the website in the filed of Add a new Page, and then click Use current pages.

Google startup pages

Step 2 Remove MyWebSearch Homepage from Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on the tool icon on the upper right corner of web page.

3. Open options page by clicking Options icon.

Firefox Options corner

4. Select General and loot at the Startup tab.

Google general

5. If the homepage is relative to MyWebSearch, delete the website and type a safe website in the Home Page filed.

Step 3 End All Processes Relative to MyWebSearch

1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” (for Window 7) or “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” (for Window 8) together to start Task Manager. (alnatively you right click the taskbar and choose Start Task Manager.

2. Click End Process to stop all processes of Adware.MyWebSearch.

task manager

The Method 2 is a poweful and efficient way. The SpyHunter, the real-time protection software, can detect dubious processes or adware and then block them invade your computer.

1. Click the link below to download SpyHunter.

Download SpyHunter Now

2. Click Run run the file.exe.

Spy run this file

3. After it is done, double click SpyHunter icon. In the interface of SpyHunter click the Scan Computer Now! 

start new scan

4. The results of scanning come out. You will see the Adware.MyWebSearch in the threats list. Now, don’t hesitate to click Fix Threats before ticking Select All.

fix threats

Note: The SpyHunter is free for virus scan. If you want to remove the threats, you need to purchase SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

The RegCure is a product which is special in optimizing computer. What the functions it has include cleaning history records, temp files, changed settings and so on. When it is run, it helps stop adware puping up when you surfing the Internet.

1. Click the link below to download RegCure.

Download RegCure Pro

2. Click Save File to save the file.exe.

save file

3. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.


4. After the installation is successful, double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

alt=Regcure Install

5. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the threats. Now, don’t hestate to click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.

regcure fix all

Note: The RegCure is free for issues scan. If you want to fix these issues, you need to purchase RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner by registering.

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