How to Remove Fake “Update Flash Player” or “Update Java” Pop-up Virus from PC?

Recently your computer may usually appear a pop-up which reminds you to update Flash Player or Java when you are surfing the Internet. It means that your computer is infected with unwanted programs.

This fake “Update Flash Player” or “Update Java” is not true update message from Adobe Flash Player. It is adware program used by cyber criminals to earn advertisement profit or steal personal information.

It is spread via free downloads or fake advertisement alert. Once installed, it will change computer’s registry. When you are using browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, it automatically appears. You will be fed up with it, because it slows down the running speed of background and other advertisement pop-ups which are covering your screen. It also adds some toolbars which are not functionally relevant to the toolbars and difficult to remove. These toolbars may include: Sweet-Page Toolbar, Delta Toolbar, Trovi Search.

When you use a computer, the pop-up of “Update Flash Player” displays that you need to update Flash Player to view a video. Once you click on the “Download”, “Run Update” or “Click to install now” button, adware program or other malicious programs rather than Adobe Flash Player will be on your computer.

How to avoid?

  • Try not to download free software which contains adware and spyware. If you need to download them, please remember to opt for the “custom” or “advanced” rather than “Typical” or “Quick”.
  • Some malware invades computer via Internet, so do not browse bad websites.
  • Install a good optimizer tool and pay attention to fix bugs of computer system.


        The fake “Update Flash Player” has ever been caused by the 

The Steps to Remove Fake “Update Flash Player” or “Update Java” Pop-up Virus

Step 1 Remove Fake “Update Flash Player” or “Update Java” Pop-up Virus with SpyHunter

It is suggested to use this step as the first step, because the infection of the fake “Update Flash Player” may contain the malicious programs which are installed without your consent, it really needs the powerful anti-virus software.

1. You can download SpyHunter by clicking the below Download link.

Download SpyHunter

(Tips: You can shut down the firewall or any other anti-virus software before installing SpyHunter in case ejecting the stop windows.)

2. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.

Spy run this file

3. Double click on SpyHunter icon to open it. In the interface of SpyHunter click the Scan Computer Now!

start new scan

4. When the results come out, all the threats in your computer are shown. Tick “Select All”, and then click “Fix Threats”.

fix threats

(Note: SpyHunter is free for malware detection. If you want to remove it, you need to purchase SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.)

Step 2 Cleaning Computer with RegCure Pro

Fake advertisement alert also leaves problems such as malicious processes and computer system which has been tampered. RegCure Pro is easy-to-use optimizer software. It can clean away Windows registry errors; stop unneeded process and startup items and many more.

1.   Download RegCure Pro by clicking the Download link.

Download RegCure Pro

2. A pop-up window displays to ask whether to save the file.exe or not. Click Save File.

save file

3. When the file is saved, it will produce an installation package as the following. Double click it to start the installation of RegCure.

installation package RegCure

4. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.


5. When the installation is finished, there will be a RegCure shortcut in the desktop. Double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

RegCure scan

6. When the results come out, all the threats in your computer are shown. Click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.

fix all

(Note: RegCure is free for issues detection. If you want to fix these issues, you need to purchase RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner by registering.)

Step 3 The Manual Method to Remove Fake “Update Flash Player” or “Update Java” Pop-up Virus

This step is to revert to browser settings manually if your issues are not solved by the previous problem.

Reset Google Chrome

 1. Open Google Chrome Browser. Click the chrome menu button google menu buttonon the right upper corner.

 2. In the list of menu button choose Settings.

Chrome Settings

3. Pull down the page of Settings. Find the reset browser settings tab and then click on Reset Browser Settings button.

reset browser settings

4. A window will show in the screen and you click on the Reset button.

Chrome reset window

(Note: Before resetting, please back up your computer in case data loses.)

Reset Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox Browser. Click Firefox menu button and choose Help button.

reset firefox-1

2. From the Help list, click the Troubleshooting Information.

reset firefox-2

3. In the page of Troubleshooting Information, choose the Refresh Firefox.

reset firefox-3

(Note: Different versions of Firefox have different operating indications.)

4. Next, click Refresh Firefox to restore your browser settings.

reset firefox-4


Reset Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer browser, click Explorer setting button Settings button of IE. 2. In the list of menu button choose Internet options.

IE-Internet options

3. In the window of Internet Options, select Advanced tab and then click on the button of Reset Internet Explorer Settings.

IE advanced options

4. A window of Reset Internet Explorer Settings appears. Click Reset to restore the factory settings.

IE reset

In the end, the adware is removed. However, if you still have difficulty in removing the fake “Update Flash Player” when you use SpyHunter, please leave messages to us.

                                 Want to experience free scan of SpyHunter?                                                              Start Now!

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