How to Remove System-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website Pop-up From PC Completely?

Recently, some PC users complaint that they keep getting a pop-up with “Warning internet Security Damaged!” from a a website http://system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website/. It is really bothersome and won’t go away. If you have the same issue, the following post can guide you to get rid of it completely.

Know More About System-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website Pop-up

System-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website is a phishing or scam site developed by cyber criminals to deliver fake warning/alert so as to scare innocent users and then swindle money out of them. It is compatible with all your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. So it comes to every kind of browsers suddenly, no matter what you page you are going to visit. And you may be informed with the following message:

“Warning internet Security Damaged!

A suspicious connection was trying to access your logins, banking details & tracking your internet activity.

Your TCP connection was blocked by your firewall. Your accounts may be suspended until you take an action.

Your personal information may have leaked. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUIRED. Your hard disk may have trojan virus! PLease do not try to fix manually. It may crash your data.

Consequently, we are performing additional security checks to verify system security. Please visit your nearest Windows service center OR call help desk: Custom Service – 1-855-637-0970 (TOLL-FREE)”. 

Please note that all those message are lies. Its main purpose is to guide users to call the given number 1-855-637-0970 for help. If you fall into the trap, a fake tech agent is waiting there to tell you to buy some tech support services, for removing or fixing the bogus computer problems. And the fact is that they just want to swindle money out of you. Besides, it may cause other problems such as poor system performance, frequently windows freeze/shut down, bothersome redirect issue and even confidential information leak out. Therefore, you are highly suggested to take action to remove this system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up without hesitation once detected.

Remove System-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website Pop-up With Effective Methods

Method A: Manual Removal Steps

Method B: Automatic Removal Steps (effective and safe)

download 19

Method A: Manual Removal Steps

Step 1: Stop background processes related to system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up from Task Manager.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys at the same time to quickly open Task Manager. In the pop-up System Task Manager, click on Processes tab then select the unwanted processes running in the background, click on End Process button to disable them instantly.


Step 2. Remove system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up from your browser.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Manager Add-on


Tools and Extensions> system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up > click Disable


Reset your browser setting by locating to Internet Option > Advanced > Reset and restart IE to take effect.


Google Chrome

Launch up Google Chrome> click Tools> click Extension> search for system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up > click trash bin


Reset Google Chrome by locating to Settings > Advanced Settings > Reset and then restart the browser to take effect.


Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox, navigate to browser menu in the top right, and select Add-ons. Find system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up extensions and add-ons and remove it.


Reset Firefox by pressing Alt+H > Troubleshooting Information > reset and restart the browser to take effect.


Step 3. Remove potential unwanted programs 

Press ‘Win+R’ buttons>> input ‘Control Panel’ >> In Programs and Features you can see the list of programs in your computer. Right click to Uninstall the dubious ones.
how to uninstall

Step 4. Delete related registry entries.

Press ‘Win+R’ buttons >>input ‘REGEDIT’ >>Find related registry entries to remove them.


Method B: Automatic Removal Steps (effective and safe)

This automatic removal guide will not only help you remove system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up effectively, but also help you speed up your computer performance. Go and try this method.

Step 1: Remove system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is an adaptive spyware detection and removal tool that provides rigorous protection against the latest spyware threats including malware, trojans, rootkits and malicious software.

1. Click the below button to free download SpyHunter.

download 2

2.Click the button “Run” to run SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install SpyHunter step-by-step.


3. Open SpyHunter, then click on “Scan Computer Now!” to run a free scan on your computer.


4. When the scan is done, all the threats in your PC are successfully detected. Tick “Select All”, and then click on “Remove” to make your computer clean.

SpyHunter Scan

Note: SpyHunter is only free for malware detection. To remove the malware threats from your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware removal tool.

Step 2: Optimize Your PC Using RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro is an advanced computer optimization program that can help you to clean away registry errors, remove malware, improve startup, clean up your PC. You can download and use RegCure Pro with confidence for it neither contain any additional items nor conflict with your current used antivirus program.

1. Click the below button to free download RegCure Pro.


2. Double click on its .exe file and click on “Run” to install the program step by step.


3. Open RegCure Pro, go to the Overview tab, and then click on “Click to Start Scan” to run a scan on your system for unnecessary files and invalid registry entries.


The first scan will take some time for the first scanning. Please wait while the program scans your system for performance problems.

4. When the scan is complete, click on “Fix All” to correct all the security risks and potential causes of your computer slow performance.


To sum up, system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up really bothersome that should be removed from computer completely before they cause further damages. And Spyhunter is not only can remove threats like system-detected-virus-1-855-637-0973_website pop-up but also can protect your computer from other sort of virus like other Trojan, spyware and ransomware. In a word, you can trust it. Download and Install Spyhunter scanner for free.

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