How to Remove VenusLocker Ransomware?

A new ransomware called VenusLocker was produced by hackers to invade PC by sending spam emails. If you open these spam emails, it will encrypt some specified files firstly (especially doc, pdf, JPEG files). Next, we would like to reveal the mysterious veil of VenuLocker Ransomware and how to remove VenusLocker Ransomware.

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                                                 What Is VenusLocker Ransomware?

                                       How Does VenusLocker Ransomware Transmit?

                                 How Does VenusLocker Ransomware Ask for Ransom?

             Why the Encrypted Files by VenusLocker Ransomware Cannot Be Recovered?

What Is VenusLocker Ransomware?

VenusLocker Ransomware is the malware that cyber criminals use to demand money by encrypting files. The encryption algorithm it uses is AES CBC 256-bit (or RSA-2048 key), which is beneficial for it to invade deep into the infected computer system by executing secretly in the background. The encrypted files are appended the .Venusf suffixes which you cannot change manually. It scans all kinds of files such as, .txt, .doc, .rtf, .xls, .ppt, .chm, .cpp, .asm, .db, .dbx, .cgi, .dsw, .gzip, .zip, .jpg, .key, .mdb, .pgp, .pdf. These files contain personal information. The behavior of VenusLocker lets the computer user risk losing all important information. Moreover, the performance of infected computer turns down. Every time you browse websites, you may be forced to accept pop-up, dialogue box and temporary text which are attached to notifications of payment. It states that you should remit money to a specified bank accountant for password of encrypted files.

How Does VenusLocker Ransomware Transmit?

The VenusLocker ransomware is really abominable. The process it transmits is so quick than Zues and even cannot be found by detection software in the computer. The hacker sends malicious mass emails to many email users, and then usually names its letter as employment of a famous enterprise. You may be surprised and happy to click it, but once you open it or its attachment, the ransomware will be on your computer. In addition, the Trojan in malicious websites helps to transmit it. If you visit those websites, the VenusLocker can be automatically downloaded in your computer. The virus bundled into free downloads also helps to transmit it. Different from worm virus which is easy to be found by security members to analyze, those encrypted files infected with VenusLocker can delete themselves when the security software scans computer files.

How Does VenusLocker Ransomware Ask for Ransom?

  • Change computer account
  • Control computer screen. You will see that your desktop wallpaper has been changed into an image which is related to ransom.
  • Encrypted files

Why the Encrypted Files by VenusLocker Ransomware Cannot Be Recovered?

Well, we regret to tell you there is no any method to break the code of encrypted fields infected with the VenusLocker. The reasons are simple:

Firstly, the cryptography itself is not a very popular subject.

Secondly, it can find back-up tools and delete them. In this way, you have no choice to back up your files.

Thridly, even breaking a simple code still needs plenty of sources in social engineer and computer engineer.

How to Deal with the VenusLocker Ransomware?

The first thing you should do is to remove virus source brought by the VenusLocker. When infected with it, mostly the files are encrypted after restarting the computer. After reboot, the VenusLocker becomes computer administrator. So we need to remove it.

We recommend a powerful security and anti-virus software: SpyHunter.

(Note: The ransom letters and encrypted files are not virus. Even if removing the ransomware virus, the infected files are still encrypted.)

1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the below Download button.

Download SpyHunter Now

Tips: You can shut down the firewall or any other anti-virus software before installing SpyHunter in case it pops up a stop window.

2. Click the Run button to run the file.exe. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.

SpyHunter run


3. Open the SpyHunter by Double click on SpyHunter icon. In the interface of SpyHunter click the Scan Computer Now!

SpyHunter scan

4. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the threats which are distributed on your computer. Tick “Select All”, and then click “Fix Threats”.

SpyHunter fix threats


Note: SpyHunter is free for virus detection. If you want to remove the infections, you need to purchase SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

After removing relative virus about VenusLocker, there are three choices for you.

ŒFormat the Computer System

1. Please divide partitions of computer disks firstly. Here we would tell you how to format computer system in a fast way.

2. You need to make sure that you login in under the administrator account, or it will display that you have no authority to format. Open your Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.

user accounts

3. Next, open My Computer; there are hard disks which are the divided partitions.

4. Right click on the disk you need to format and it appears a list as the following. Click Format.

C Disk Format


5. In the pop-up of Format, tick the box with a yellow frame as the following. As for the red frame, if you format hard disk, it is better to use NTFS. Click NTFS and click Start.

format local disk

Note: This way can clean all files in hard disks. It may remove your important files (but certainly encrypted).

Reinstall the System

It is a last way that you have no alternative but have to do. It can clean your all personal data, but it can remove all encrypted fields. After reinstalling the system, the VenusLocker may have choice to attack your computer due to its strong hacker technique, but this time only when use SpyHunter can the remaining virus be removed thoroughly.

Besides, the ransomware changes your browser settings. The performance of your computer decreases. RegCure Pro is an advanced optimizer and cleaning tool. It helps you delete infected files and changed registry entries, fix system problems, and forbid any unnecessary service and unnecessary boot entry. Thus, it increases the running speed of your computer.

1. Download RegCure Pro by clicking the Download link.

red cure download icon

2. A prompt pop-up will ask you whether to save the file.exe or not. Click Save File.

RegCure save file

3. After Save File is done, it will produce an install package as the following. Double click it to install RegCure.


installation package RegCure

4. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.

RegCure run

5. When the installation is finished, there will be a RegCure shortcut in the desktop. Double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

alt=Regcure Install

6. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the threats which are distributed on your computer are shown. Click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.

RegCure fix all

Note: RegCure is free for issues detection. If you want to fix these issues, you need to purchase RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner by registering.

How to Avoid Ransomware?

  1. Fully back up your files.
  2. Use authorized Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
  3. Pay attention to any unknown links when you open an e-mail.
  4. Download anti-malware software. (eg. SpyHunter, developed by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System, which is a highly regarded independent security and product testing service, is a real-time protection security tool. It can block any malicious programs which include the ransomware).

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