How to Remove Windows заблокирован from Infected Computer

Victim: HELP! My computer is locked by Windows заблокирован virus, I cannot access it… I can see a big message on my screen, written in Russian language. It says that I have been watching gay and children porn, which is absolutely NOT TRUE! I would never watch things like that! Windows заблокирован virus asks me to pay money in rubles, but I am not going to pay. Please tell me what should I do! Are my files encrypted? It looks like a ransomware virus…


What do you know about Windows заблокирован virus

This passage is going to introduce you another kind of of malware called Windows заблокирован as well as Windows Blocked ransomware. By looking the name, you can guess that it’s a new ransomware, but different from the commonly seen ransomware, Windows заблокирован mainly targets at computer users who use Russian language, and unlike the crypto-ransomware, it doesn’t lock files or documents stored on the computer system but lock the computer instead. Once the computer is locked, you are not able to open your files and launch any program, and it also blocks all the executable files. After this, it represents a full-screen inform that seems like to be sent by Microsoft, claiming your computer is locked because recently you visited pornographic websites. If you want to get access to your computer again, you need to pay about 400-600 rubles to buy the top-up cards. It’s designers even state that the ransom must be paid within 10 hours. Then you can put the code into the provided box to unlock your computer.


However, we don’t recommend you to pay the ransom because cyber criminals won’t promise to decrypt your computer after you pay the ransom, so it’s very possible that you lose the money but leave the computer unfix. Whereas, you can save your files by removing the virus. Removal instructions are provided below. To prevent your computer from being infected with resemble threats, we suggest you to install a real-time anti-spyware to safeguard the computer, such as SpyHunter or Malwarebytes. And keep in mind that to update the anti-spyware in time so it can scan and delete the latest threats.

How to remove Windows заблокирован virus – removal guide


Approach 1: Remove the Ransomware Windows заблокирован virusmanually

1. Delete all the suspicious programs from control panel.

From Windows 7

Begin with the Start Menu, choose Control Panel on the right side, then, under the Program, select Windows заблокирован virus and remove it.

alt=uninstall of win7


From Windows 8

On the Start screen, right click the Apps button, after that, click Uninstall.

alt=win8 strart

From Windows XP

Begin with the Start Menu, click Control Panel, then, under the Add or Remove or Programs, select Windows заблокирован and click the Remove or Change (to the right of the program).


2. Terminate the process from Task Manager.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc/Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open Task Manager, under the Process, look for Windows заблокирован and click End process.


3. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking

Restart your computer and keep pressing “F8″ key until Windows Advanced Options Menu shows up, then using arrow key to select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list and press “Enter” to get into that mode.

alt=safe mode with networking



Approach 2: Remove the Ransomware Windows заблокирован automatically (with SpyHunter)

1. Download SpyHunter step by step

Alt=Download Button

2.Scan your computer after it’s finished.

alt=SpyHunter scanning


3.Tick Select All, and click Remove.

alt=SpyHunter Scan

How to Speed up Your Computer Performance? – Have an Opimization on your PC after ransomware removal

If your computer performs slowly, or has other issues such as windows error and junk files or registry, you can install RegCure Pro for system optimization.

Use RegCure Pro to optimize your computer

1. You can download RegCure Pro from the following button.


2.Install step by step.

alt=Regcure Install

3,Give your computer a comprehensive scan.

alt=Regcure Install

4.Fix all problems detected by RegCure Pro.

alt=regcure fix all


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