How to Remove Virus?

Recently someone said that his computer somehow got a virus named and he used detection software to scan but no result about it. Trough variety of records, this article would like you what is it.


 It is defined as the script virus which is produced by a malicious program, and the program may have a malicious website which is possibly called through a variety of verification. The script of is compiled by JavaScript code or VbScript.

(Similar script virus includes VBS.Happytime, Js.Fortnight.c.s and so on.)

 The Key features it has are relative to the profit of advertisement. Once infected, the home page of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will be changed. Thus, all your keyloggers are traced and then personal information can be stolen. In addition, it can modify the information of registry, which helps change browser settings of your computer. While you are getting online, frequent annoying pup-ups or fake advertisement come into Internet. You also see a toolbar which you don’t need in the top of your website. Not to say that the must be hidden in the root directory of C hard disk and execute in the background to slow down the load speed of computer. It is an old trick. If you find this virus and open, it will be opened in a form of notepad which covers with messy code.

The methods it invades computer is usually through Internet. Generally, it is mainly because you click some unsafe websites and download free torrents or software. The virus invades into computer with plugs and produces junk adds-on. What’s more, spam-email, fake update pup-up, and USB drive disk cause another threat.


Removal Solutions!

Manual Methods to Remove Virus:

STEP 1 Delete Related Programs

  1. Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” together to start Task Manager
  2. Select the Process tab in Task Manager.
  3. Find the process and Click End Process.

end process

STEP 2 Ending Related Processes

  1. Start—Control Panel—Programs and Features
  2. Right click on the processes you want to end, and chose Unistall.


alt=uninstall of win7


STEP 3 Reset Browser Settings

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser, click Explorer setting button Settings button of IE.
  2. In the list of menu button choose Internet options.
  3. In the window of Internet Options, select Advanced tab and then click on the button of Reset Internet Explorer Settings.
  4. A window of Reset Internet Explorer Settings appears. Click Reset to restore the factory settings.


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox Browser. Click Firefox menu button Menu buttonand choose Help help buttonbutton
  2. From the Help list, click the Troubleshooting Information.
  3. In the page of Troubleshooting Information, choose the Refresh Firefox.
  4. Next, click Refresh Firefox to restore your browser settings.


Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser. Click the chrome menu button google menu buttonon the right upper corner.
  2. In the list of menu button choose Settings.
  3. Pull down the page of Settings. Find the reset browser settings tab and then click on Reset Browser Settings button.
  4. A window will show in the screen and you click on the Reset button.


STEP 4 Remove Relative Infections from Registry

  1. Open Start menu and click Run (if you cannot find it, type run in the search bar.
  2. Type “regedit” to open the registry.
  3. Locate the registry to the information as the following:


4.   Continue to delete all logs with numbers such as <66> <333> <50>.

  (This is a good way to clean all files of, but   just for computer professionals. If you delete any important files, they will not be restored. So please be careful.)


Recommended Software to Remove Virus:

It wastes time and energy for manual methods to remove the virus. Using SpyHunter and RegCure to fix the system problem can help you solve computer problems, but you must download Authorized Version of SpyHunter and RegCure.

1. Download the latest SpyHunter and run the file.exe.

Download SpyHunter

2. Double click the icon on the desktop.

3. Click the Scan Computer Now! allow the computer run a scan.

SpyHunter scan

4. When the results are out, tick Select All and click Fix Threats.

fix threat

        (Note: SpyHunter is free to detect all malware, changed extentions, broken files and virus. If you want to fix all these infections, please pay for it. SpyHunter has the one-to-one custom service to slove your specific computer problems.)

1. Download  the latest RegCure and save its file to your computer.

Download RegCure Pro

2. Double click the RegCure icon and click Allow to the administrator of the computer.

RegCure installation package

3. Click Run to run the file.exe.


4. After the RegCure is installed, there will be a shortcut in the desktop. Double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

5. When the scanning is finished, you will see that all the threats which are distributed on your computer. Click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.


(Note: RegCure is free to detect changed extentions, unkown adds-on and dubious start-up items. If you want to fix all these problems, you need to pay for it. )

SpyHunter has the poweful ability to remove virus becasue it has the new virus database. Also, Open it when getting online will provide a real-time protection to stop from cyber criminals.

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