How to Uninstall WinThruster Malware from Your PC (WinThruster desinstalar)?

Infected with WinThruster on your Windows 10? Found it hard to uninstall? This post will introduce how to remove it from your pc.

What is WinThruster? Is it true?

WinThruster (from Solvosoft Corp.) is a potentially unwanted program which is promoted on, claiming that it is an optimizer application. However, WinThruster is delivered to computers not by a legal site but free software that is associated with third-party enterprises.

After getting installed, this fake program creates an evaluation license for users to detect for errors and acquire a security report.

However, these errors messages are bogus, because even a new OS once running WinThruster can see many bugs on its results. If one of a novice or experiences users agrees to fix these problems, he or she will receive a note that paying 29.96 USD to buy PRO license for WinThruster. Moreover, another point can prove that this is a fake program; the result list in the interface of WinThruser is color-coded, and it is prone to show infections in red whatever errors are scan out; a normal add-on from Google can be classified as system errors.

So, it is not true, and it is able to run in the background once booting up. Users also found it hard to uninstall because it drops illegal registry entries on their computers, which can let WinThruster run automatically.

Reviewed by experts, it is not an application that users want to download. Please use reliable software to eliminate WinThruster.

The Recommended Anti-malware Software to Uninstall WinThruster

SpyHunter, certificated by TRUSTe’s Trusted Download Program, is an OPSWAT Certified Partner which provides the advanced anti-malware technique. What is SpyHunter 4.0 and how it works? 

1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the below Download button.


Tips: You can shut down the firewall or any other anti-virus software before installing SpyHunter in case it pops up a stop window.

2. Click the Run button to run the file.exe. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.

SpyHunter run


3. Open the SpyHunter by Double click on SpyHunter icon. In the interface of SpyHunter click the Scan Computer Now!

SpyHunter scan

4. When the scanning is finished, if you see WinThruster malware or other threats which are distributed on your computer. Tick “Select All”, and then click “Fix Threats”.

SpyHunter fix threats

Note: SpyHunter is free for virus detection. If you want to remove the infections, you need to purchase SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

The RegCure Pro, a professional optimizer tool, is developed by ParetoLogic, which has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Network. With its cleaning function, the registry, website settings, unwanted shortcuts etc brought by WinThruster can be tidied up.

1. Download RegCure Pro by clicking the Download link.


2. A prompt pop-up will ask you whether to save the file.exe or not. Click Save File.

RegCure save file

3. After Save File is done, it will produce an install package as the following. Double click it to install RegCure.


installation package RegCure

4. Run the file.exe by clicking the Run button. If the Windows asks you whether to allow or not, please choose allow.

RegCure run

5. When the installation is finished, there will be a RegCure shortcut in the desktop. Double click the shortcut icon to open RegCure, which will automatically turn to the interface of System Scan and start to scan.

alt=Regcure Install

6. When the scanning is finished, you will see all the threats which are distributed on your computer are shown. Click Fix All to solve all issues in your computer.

RegCure fix all

Note: RegCure is free for issues detection. If you want to fix these issues, you need to purchase RegCure Pro Registry Cleaner by registering.

A true anti-virus software is derived from legal corporation and always has a good reputation. If you are not sure, you should check it out by searching on your Google.

Now, let’s remove WinThruster with SpyHunter

or you can download RegCure to clean up your computer

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