Pop-up of Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php Redirects Your IE/ Chrome / Firefox? How to Get Rid of it?

Victim report:

“I had tried 3 different browsers but the a pop-up contains something like Repadnet.com domain still comes frequently. I get bored about it and want a solution to get rid of this pest.”

What is Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php pop-up?

Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php pop-up is a redirect infection. It can be caused by the malware or plugins in your computer. It can be quite stubborn to keep disturbing you. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to some spam page randomly. These page can be hitechbuzz.info, weather-forecasting.net, newseers.com and so on, they will not offer you helpful information even correct weather forecast. Browsers can be freeze or crash for just reloading the spams. They can even bring unwanted downloads to you secretly. For the sake of your computer’s security, you had better take actions to remove the related threats in time.

How did Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php related threats come?

Generally speaking, Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php infections are caused for incorrect browsing habits. If you had downloaded some low-quality programs and paid no attention during the installing programs, malicious setting will be done to your registry and lead to such a problem. Clicking to spam mails or other dubious pop-ups is also not wise. The more infections you get, the more difficult to solve the computer issues.

Suggestions to remove Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php pop-ups

You can try to stop the pop-up by removing the related threats according to the below removal steps. To insure complete and successful removal, you can also use a reliable anti-malware program to detect and remove all the potential risks. In either way, it is good to use the free version of SpyHunter to have a total system scan.


Manual removal steps:

1. End the dubious processes immediately.

Press Ctrl+Shift +Esc keys at the same time to run Windows Task Manager. Find out the processes of the infected browsers and other dubious ones, end them.

dubious process

2. Remove the associated add-ons, plugins and extensions.

Take IE as an example: You can find the add-ons option on the browser menu, view the toolbars and extensions option and remove the unwanted ones. Do the same to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

IE ad on

IE add-on

3. Reset the infected browsers.

IE resetting 
ie reset

Chrome resetting 

chrome reset

Firefox resetting 
firefox reset

4. Remove potential unwanted programs 

Press Win+R button>> input Control Panel>> In Programs and Features you can see the list of programs in your computer. Right click to Uninstall the dubious ones.
how to uninstall

Note: If the manual steps do not solve your problems, you are probably facing a more serious security condition. Do not hesitate to use a professional removal tool.

Use efficient anti-malware program SpyHunter to deal with all the potential risks in your PC

SpyHunter’s paid version can deal with all the potential risks in your computer. It is so user-friendly and you will see no complicated operating is needed.

1. Get SpyHunter from the safe link:

Spyhunter download

2. Run the file you got and install the it following the guide


SpyHunter Downloader

3. Run it and click the malware scan on the left side, have a computer scan to detect the potential risks.


4. Fix the threats easily with one simple click.

fix threat

One more step to boost your PC

There is still one thing you need to know. Since Repadnet.com/iti/usaa/file.php pop-up redirects you to unwanted sites, it can also create lots of junk files when reloading the spams. Even if you had remove the infection, there can be also system trash files in your computer that will reduce your computer performance. Try to remove them all with an optimizer RegCure Pro:

download icon1

The installing and scanning steps are similar to SpyHunter’s.

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