Remove From Web Browsers (Chrome/Firefox/IE…) Absolutely?

Have you ever got such issues?

Victim: “Hello, yesterday Chrome, IE and Mozilla suddenly started to be readdressed to the following address I tried all common threatments but no way to keep that off of my PC. Unfortunately I can’t find any information in web so I guess either this is pretty new or it is really stupid problem to solve. Can anyone help me? I would be very very helpful.”

If so, your browsers might is likely to be entangled with a browser hijacker named “”. No worry, keep reading and learn to get rid of it by use of the following effective removal instructions.

Know More About is actually deemed as a browser hijacker since it is capable of modifying the targeted browser’s default settings without knowledge and approval. It seems provide you with quick accesses to various applications or websites, which sounds useful. However, it acts totally different. It can take control of your popular browsers including IE, Chrome and Firefox. You should never take it slightly.

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

After getting installed, will provide you with helpless services but bring you a lot of unwanted troubles. Your browsers may be in mess.

  • Your browser default homepage and search engine can be replaced with automatically.
  • You may be redirected to other unwanted or sponsored websites which may contain malicious contents.
  • You may get an error or pop-up ad encouraging you to download unknown or unwanted software.
  • Your operating system might seem generally slow and web pages are slow to load.
    You may get browser toolbars you haven’t seen before or advertisements are popping up multiple times.
  • It may track your browsing trace online and collect your browsing habits such as search terms, pages viewed, downloads/uploads, data entered in certain websites, clicks, etc, and share those information with third parties for commercial purposes.

How to Remove Effectively?

Plan A: Remove manually.

Plan B: Get rid of automatically with SpyHunter


Plan A: Remove manually.

Step 1: Go to Task Manager and end the process.

“Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to open “Task Manager” > click “Processes” > choose and click “End process”.

Windows Task Manager

Step 2: Uninstall relevant programs from Control Panel.

Click “Start” > “Control Panel ” > choose > “Uninstall Program”.


Step 3: Remove the suspicious extensions from browser and reset homepage.

From Google Chrome:

1. “Customize and control Google Chrome” > “More Tools” > “Extensions”.


2. Choose the relevant extensions and Enable it.


3. Click “Customize and control Google chrome” >” Settings” > select “Set page”.


From Internet Explore:

1. “Tools” > “Manager add-ons” > “Extensions”.


2. Find the extensions and disable it.


3. “Tools” > “Internet options” > “General” > find Home Page and change it.


From Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on “Open menu” >” Add-ons” >” Extensions”.


2. Find the extensions and remove it.


3. Click on “Open menu” > “Options” > “General” > find “Home Page” and reset it.


Step 4:Delete related Registry entries.

Press “Windows+R” keys together


Type “regedit” in the blank


You will see the box below


Delete all malicious registry entries related to

Plan B: Get rid of automatically

Step 1: Download and install Spyhunter to scan and remove and related programs.

Why we recommend Spyhunter to you?

SpyHunter is a powerful automatic removal tool which can help users to clean up the infections like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware,etc. Spyhunter is your best choice to remove

1.Click icon “Download” to save SpyHunter-Installer.exe.


2.Click the button “Run” to run SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install SpyHunter step-by-step.


3.When the SpyHunter is set up successfully on your desktop, you can click the button “Malware Scan” to scan and detect your computer thoroughly for and other suspicious programs hiding in the computer system.


4. After all the results come out, click on Fix All button to remove all threats.


Step 2: Download RegCure Pro to have a system scan and optimize your computer.

1. Click icon “Download” to save RegCure Pro-Installer.exe.


2. Click the button “Run” to run RegCure Pro-Installer.exe to install RegCure Pro step-by-step.


3. When the RegCure Pro is successfully installed on your desktop, you can click the button System Scan to scan your computer system.


4. After the scanned results come out, click on Fix All button to remove all the threats related to


Good to know: is really an annoying and frustrating browser hijacker. Therefore, it is wise for you to remove it from your machine immediately. Choose one method above you prefer and finish all steps of it, then your computer will be free of completely.

Want a Quicker Way to Remove Download Auto Fix Tool – SpyHunter Now.

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