See Through Fake Tech Support Number 1-800-597-5598 on

Know about Pop-up

“Call 1-800-597-5598″ page has a misleading domain, which is made up with Windows, Security and Alert. However this page has nothing to do with indeed windows security. It may show you a list of detected viruses and claims that you need to call the given number for help. What you need to know is, Windows, 1-800-597-5598 is a fake tech support number and is a scam page. If you do as it says, you will be told to pay for the so-called removal services, to deal with the non-exist viruses and problems. In another words, this page aims to cheat users out of money.

You computer can be totally safe and the listed virus are not in your computer. However you still need to take care of your computer’s security condition since such a scam page is actually an ad supported by the adware in your PC. The malicious adware modified your browser settings to ensure the misleading message come again and again. To get rid of the fake message and prevent further loss, you are suggested to remove all the related threats as soon as possible.

1-800-597-5598 pop-up Removal Suggestions

You can pick one suitable way according to your condition:

Manual removal : Remove the related add-ons, PUPs and Registry Entries to stop the pop-up.

Automatic removal : Rely on helpful anti-malware program SpyHunter to remove all the potential risks.

In either way you can firstly use the free version of SpyHunter to have a system scan.

Download-SpyHunter free scanner

Manual Removal Guide

1. Close the stubborn pop-up safely

It is not wise to click any part on the pop-up. Press Ctrl+Shift +Esc keys at the same time to run Windows Task Manager. Find out the processes of the infected browsers and other dubious ones, end them.

dubious process

2. Remove the associated add-ons, plugins and extensions.

Take IE as an example: You can find the add-ons option on the browser menu, view the toolbars and extensions option and remove the unwanted ones. Do the same to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

IE ad on

IE add-on

3. Reset the infected browsers.

IE resetting 
ie reset

Chrome resetting 

chrome reset

Firefox resetting 
firefox reset

4. Remove potential unwanted programs 

Press Win+R buttons>> input Control Panel>> In Programs and Features you can see the list of programs in your computer. Right click to Uninstall the dubious ones.
how to uninstall

5. Delete related registry entries.

Press Win+R buttons >>input REGEDIT >>Find related registry entries to remove them.

register editor

Note: 1-800-597-5598 Pop-up is stubborn. To insure complete removal, you can use some helpful programs to deal with the stubborn threats conveniently. 

Use professional malware cleaner – SpyHunter

SpyHunter is recommended for its powerful function of detecting and killing computer threats. Do not hesitate to get this all-time protector for the sake of your computer security.

1. Get SpyHunter from the safe link:

2. Install SpyHunter following the install wizard.


SpyHunter Downloader

3. Have a scan as soon as the installation is finished.


4. View the results and fix them easily

fix threat

Optional step : Boost your computer

Do you think your computer has a poor performance? That’s probably because of junk files created by the malware, adware and viruses occupy your system resource. You need to take actions to clean them up. RegCure Pro is specialized in dealing with Registry issues, with its help you will have an efficient and clean system.

1. Get RegCure Pro installer and install it step by step

red cure download icon

2. Have a system scan immediately.


3. Click to fix the detected threats conveniently.

fix threat

Short conclusion: Threats like 1-800-597-5598 pop-up should be prevented with the help of reliable tools. Do not hesitate to get them:

Get professional anti-malware program SpyHunter

Get computer optimizer RegCure Pro


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