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How to Delete 1-855-707-6272 Fake Alert/Voice Warning Popup?

You got a popup saying your computer device has been compromised and asking you to call 1-855-707-6272? You have tried some methods to remove this popup but failed? This post will offer some effective methods to help you resolve it.

What is 1-855-707-6272?

1-855-707-6272 is a scam phone number that has been promoted by many seemingly ‘official’ system alerts. Once you get popup asking you to call 1-855-707-6272, your computer might be infected by adware or potentially unwanted program. Commonly, the 1-855-707-6272 popup usually comes alongside the message like this:


Rootkit.Sirefef.Spy and Trojan Virus found in system32 NT (Network Threat Protection) Kernel

Virus Source: free games, porn websites, & third party internet search. Please visit Your Nearest windows service center or call 1-855-707-6272 (toll free) Continue reading