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Infected with YOUGOTHACKED Ransomware – How to Remove It

Have you received a note saying that your files have been encrypted? How can you get the files back without paying? How to get rid of it?


YOUGOTHACKED is classified as a ransomware which is super malicious to computer. Once this notorious ransomware permeated into the computer, it generates the YOUGOTHACKED.txt and SECRETISHIDINGHEREINSIDE.KEY file, and it starts to produce the copy precious personal computer files plus registry records.

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Remove [email protected] (Ransomware) from Infected PC

When receipting the notes asking you to pay money for decrypting files from [email protected], you should be aware that your computer has been infected by ransomware. [email protected], as a ransomware, can encrypt files or documents on your computer instead of help you decrypt the attacked files or documents. As a result, never believe the ransom notes you get from it. Continue reading

Remove RSA-4096 (Ransomware) with Easy and Safe Methods

So many computer users complain that files or documents on their computer are encrypted by RSA-4096. They are looking for a practical and easy method to remove this threat and recover the encrypted files or documents. If you have the same issues, welcome to refer our ways from this article.

How Obnoxious is RSA-4096?

When files or documents are encrypted by RSA-4096, your computer maybe has been infected by TeslaCrypt, a dangerous ransomware. Similar to RSA-2048, it is equipped with the characteristic of ransowmare, supported by cyber criminals to encrypt files or data on target computer so as to block computer users from opening their files or documents.

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Ransom:Win32/Empercrypt.A Removal-Easy Methods to Remove Ransomware

Ransom:Win32/Empercrypt.A belongs to a member of ramsomware, first published at Feb 21, 2016. Recently, many computer users have been faced with it on their computers. It is created by cyber criminals to encrypt files or documents on computer and then ask victim to pay money to encrypt all attacked files.

You are not suggested to pay the fine. This ransomware can create some malicious files on target computer, for example, %LOCALAPPDATA%\del.bat and %LOCALAPPDATA%\system.exe. Thus, when seeing that files, you should be aware that your computer has been invaded by it.

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Get Rid of [email protected] & Ransomware from Infected Computer

Victim 1: Hi: I have just been hit by a ransom ware called [email protected]
I have tried the RakhniDecryptor and other tools I found here on the site but it won’t work…Can anyone point me in a direction for a solution?

Victim 2: All the files have been encrypted and another file has been created with the email address and id named [email protected]”. What happens on my computer and how do I get the files back?

The Brief Introduction of [email protected]

[email protected] has detected as a nasty and nettlesome ansomware, similar to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. In general, this ransomware is spread by cyber criminals to encrypt files or documents or pictures on your computer and then asking you to pay money for exchanging the related password or ways to make the attacked files or other things normal.

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Best Methods to Remove [email protected] & Ransomware from Infected Computer

If your computer has been infected by a ransomware named [email protected] and you don’t know how to get rid of it, you can take consideration to read this post and follow our methods.

The Description of [email protected]

[email protected] has proved to be a nettlesome and pesky ransomware. Many computer users are bothered by it. It, as ransomware, is created by hackers to attack files or documents or pictures on your computer and then encrypt them so that you cannot use or open them as usual. You have to know that come contents of encrypted files or documents may be deleted or modified.

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Remove Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt.B from infected Computer Step by Step

If knowing litter information about Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt.B and if eager to break away from all the issues caused by it, you can read this post and follow our methods to handle all problems.

What is Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt.B?

Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt.B, as a member of the Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt family, has been detected as an annoying and pesky ransomware by Microsoft security software. In general, this ransomware can suddenly appear on your computer without your permission. As a matter of fact, it usually come from free downloads, junk emails, game/video software, or even some computer infections. Thus, you should be very careful when having activities online.

Alt=Ransom: MSIL/Tarocrypt.B

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Remove LeChiffre & Ransomware with Easy Methods

There is a description about LeChiffre from a computer user.

There is some attacks occurring in Brazil and the “hackers” are using an ransomware software to crypt and change the file extensions, the file extensions are being changed to .LeChiffre, the “hackers” are requesting bitcoins in order to send a password to unzip an .exe that will uncrypt the files.

More Details of LeChiffre

LeChiffre has been detected as an annoying and obnoxious ransomware that is in a position to slide into your computer furtively when you have improper online actions (such as open spam emails, or visit intrusive sites) or there are system security vulnerabilities and holes. As a result, you had better to be cautious about your online activities and watchful of system security holes.

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Best Method to Remove RSA-2048/cryptoware-Removal Guide for Ransomware

What should you do when facing ransomware, especially RSA-2048/cryptoware? You can get effective methods to get rid of it in this post.

Basic Introduction of RSA-2048/cryptoware

RSA-2048/cryptoware has been proved to a nettlesome and nasty ransowmare that is used by cyber criminals to scam your money. This ransomware is possible to enter into your computer with the assistance of other computer threats such as malware or virus or worms, etc. Certainly, it may come with junk emails or free downloads. In a word, it possesses a diverse propagation path. Continue reading

How to Remove HELPDECYPRT_YOUR_FILES.html and All Issues Caused by it?

There is a case about HELPDECYPRT_YOUR_FILES.html from Bleepingcomputer.com forum

More Information of HELPDECYPRT_YOUR_FILES.html

When you find HELPDECYPRT_YOUR_FILES.html in some system folders (Windows), related files has been encrypted by it. As a matter of fact, HELPDECYPRT_YOUR_FILES.html is equipped with the characteristics of ransomware that is created by hackers to encrypt system files, documents, or picture to ransom your money in exchange of pertinent password or methods to decrypt infected files. Continue reading