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Be Watchful of Fake System Scam – Get Rid of “Call 888-497-0863″ Pop-up

A victim’s report:

“Yesterday when I was trying to use my IE to browse some news, a pop-up came suddenly and told me that my computer was infected with a malware. It also offered a list of horrible viruses and recommended me to call 888-487-0863. However I didn’t install any anti-virus program. Is it from the system? Should I do as it says??

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Never Believe 0800 830 3015 (a Scam Number)-Removal Guides for Scam Pop-up

Believe or not when getting 0800 830 3015 pop-up about system virus alert and asking you to call the helpline (Toll Free) for technology help? In reality, this pop-up can make your computer at risk and you should take methods to remove it.

Harmful or Not about 0800 830 3015 Pop-up

0800 830 3015 isn’t a genuine call, but a phone scam. As a matter of fact, 0800 830 3015 pop-up is taken for a bogus virus alert, given by scammers to scam victims’ money by frightening them with fake error code alert and then convincing them to call Windows Support at 0800 830 3015 (Toll Free) immediately to fix this error. Continue reading

Best Methods to Remove Error Code 0x8004071b from Infected Laptop or Desktop

Do you get alert about Error Code 0x8004071b when surfing the Internet? Believe what the alert says and call its helpline to handle this error? Never trust it. This alert is bogus and its existence can make your computer in trouble.

More Details of Error Code 0x8004071b

When a victim receipts the alert about Error Code 0x8004071b online, it means that target computer is infected by malware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that you may get them when having inappropriate activities online such as installing junk/spam attachments by accident and visiting pornographic, gambling, or other intrusive websites, etc. Continue reading

Useful Tips to Remove 647-891-6821 Pop-up-Removal Guides for Scam Call

Can you get 647-891-6821 pop-up about virus alert when surfing the Internet? Do you call its helpline for technology support? In fact, when the pop-up appears on your screen, your computer has been haunted by malware or other potentially unwanted programs.

The Basic Information of 647-891-6821 Pop-up

647-891-6821 is a scam call, given by scammers to cheat victims that it is able to provide them instant technology support to deal with all computer threats. As a matter of fact that 647-891-6821 pop-up is associated with a bogus virus alert. Continue reading