What Can Computers Bring to Our Life? And What About Mobile Phone?

Since the computer goes to almost every family, it becomes one of our best friends in our daily life. We use it to do research for our work, find a job, design advertisements, etc.; our children use it to do their homework, draw a picture, find out what happens in the world and make friends around the world.

I remember my earlier experience with my computer when I was just a student. Every time when I had problems on doing my homework, I did some research to find out how to solve my problems or post questions online. I hoped someone would help me out. I also posted my essays on the Internet. Someone might give me some good ideas on how to write the essay better or might just write one for my reference. Haha, that was really cool. Surely, I finally did much better on my study than others.
When I logged into my computer, I always went to some web site to read news. There was a lot of news around the world and it updated every second. Most information printed on newspaper was a kind of behind of time somehow. That is also a reason why a lot of newspaper is out of business nowadays.
I enjoyed going online to meet new friends. Some friends were from our classmates. Some others could be on the other side of the ocean. It was a good opportunity to make friends and share with them things happened around, from which I could enlarge my eyesight and had the feeling just like having travelled outside.
The computer has been a very useful tool in my daily life. I simply could not imagine without computer what kind of life it would be.
However, nowadays, I, like many other people, have been caught by another stuff called mobile phone! Every morning, we will pick up our iphone first right when we wake up. We look at the phone while having breakfast, launch or supper. We concentrate on the phone while walking on the street, in a bus or a waiting room. We even ignore the families or friends around while they are talking to us, paying all our attention to our phone! OMG! Like a computer, the mobile phone has been a must in our life. It brings convenience brilliantly as it shows out. But, at the same time, it limits our communication between two different hearts. What else? Okay, just be the master of computers or phones, but not place them as our masters!

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